If you aren’t sure yet what tree to buy then read on for a brief guide to the types of Christmas tree available – as you will see, there are lots of different types that will match whatever you need.



Light to dark green in colour

The traditional Christmas tree, can be sheared (trimmed) to make an attractive dense bushy tree, this is our best selling tree and, provided it is freshly cut or dug in December (as all our trees are) and supplied with plenty of water whilst in the house, should hold its needles nicely into the new year.

Green with silver underside with a soft texture

A narrow more sparsely branched tree which is therefore more suited to loads of tinsel, larger decorations etc that fill out a tree.

The needles on the Serbian Spruce can start falling earlier that other varieties so this tree requires lots of water and definitely needs a cooler environment.

This tree can be an attractive silver blue – ideal for the modernist look.

Whilst this tree has good needle retention, the needles can be very sharp so it’s not so good with young children or pets in the house.

However, this is a beautiful tree that can deliver a simple, but effective, elegance to any room.

Blue/Green in colour, with long pointed needles.

Very durable, and will generally hold it’s needles for longer than any other type.

A slightly quirky tree, which doesn’t often grow symmetrically and is best over 1.5m tall.


Generally speaking the firs are slower growing than the pines and spruce, the reason for their higher price which can be twice that of a similar sized spruce.

Dark green, soft needles.

This is the most widely sold fir with good needle retention

It tends to be rather wide as a small tree and the top shoots away as the tree gets larger.

Best between 1 to 2.5 metres / 3 to 8 feet high.

The needles are soft, curled, dark green and the tree holds onto the needles very well.

It is a very slow growing tree that needs a high rainfall to grow successfully. Despite this, the tree itself does not typically grow well in England (maybe we have too much rainfall!)

The tree can be very active though quality is very inconsistent. Rest assured that here at Digby Farm we do our best to ensure that we only have the best examples available.

The Douglas Fir has soft, light green needles and strong scent.

Despite the name, it is actually not a true fir with branches that are very wispy unless sheared heavily.

Find a good example and the smell will lift your spirits every time you enter the room.

Needles – short, dark green.

The Balsam Fir has a lovely “traditional pine” smell which can fill a small-medium room easily and can really enhance the Christmassy feel of a room.

These are two very similar trees recently introduced into this country from America.

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