About Us


35 years
growing experience

Our first transplants were planted during the spring of 1986 since then we have been planting 10,000 to 12,000 trees a year.


30 years selling
to the public

2021 marks 30 years of us selling our Christmas trees to the public. To help us celebrate, Santa has loaned us two of his reindeer for the season.


A Family owned and
operated business

The plantation is run by John and Helen Ellis, along with their Son, Daughters, and grandchildren. 3 generations so far!

Digby Farm Christmas Trees was established in 1986 when John Ellis took the decision to plant the first crop of Christmas trees. Little did he know then what it would grow into!

Each year since then between 10,000 and 15,000 new trees are planted. We have several varieties but the most popular are the Norway Spruce, Nordmann Fir and Scots Pine.

The farm is run by John and son Richard. Helen works behind the scenes doing much of the admin and developing the Christmas shop with daughter Kate. This has become quite a task as each year the barn has to be converted from a working barn into an enticing and inviting Christmas shop full of sparkle and cheer.

The farm is very much a family interest with all four of John and Helen’s children helping out, especially through the festive season. So much so that even the grandchildren are on hand and in 2019 the first great grandchild was introduced to the business!

The Christmas tree farm has taken many years to develop from those first transplants and the first trees being sold from the back door of the farmhouse in 1991 to raise money for a Blue Peter appeal.  Very quickly trees were being sold in their thousands to the wholesale market to thin out the plots and allow room for the remaining trees to grow into fine specimens ready for the retail market. Around ten years after the first trees were planted John and Helen began selling Christmas trees to the public from the farmyard. From there the business has grown and developed to where we are today, selling in the region of five thousand trees to people and families who visit us from near and far for their Christmas tree experience.